Big Ideas

Some ideas I want to make happen

Below are some larger art installations that require a partner to make happen. If you or someone you know owns a business (restaurant, hotel, building wall, etc) or large home that could benefit from these designs, please reach out!

Wood Ripple Wall

I want to create a large wooden ripple wall or large pieces with overlapping ripples, similar to the tables and headboard I've made recently

Concrete Fingerprint Ripple

I want to install a large concrete fingerprint ripple as an accent wall. The concrete would be fairly shallow and not heavy enough to threaten the structural integrity of the wall

Heart Hands Mural

I want to paint on a building wall the biggest half of a hand heart that I can fit. The other half would be a small 3D hand from a vantage point away. When you look at the small small from a certain vantage point, the two halves would line up at the same size. The smaller hand would be atop a pedestal anchored to the ground and have an inscription labeled "No matter how small"

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